Scanning excimer irradiation equipment for R&D


It integrates an excimer irradiation unit with a main wavelength of 172 nm, Stage for scanning, and Ozone decomposition unit, and allows for simple and safe experiments of excimer surface modification using only a 100 V power supply.


  • Stage for scanning enables treatment of a larger area than conventional equipment.
  • Integrated ozone decomposition unit eliminates the need for exhaust equipment, etc.

Equipment specification

Scanning excimer irradiation equipment for R&D

Type of model ASM86 Excimer
Emission wavelength 172nm
Material to be treated W86mmD120mm or less, Thickness 40mm or less
Irradiation distance adjustment With laboratory jack for adjustment (variable irradiation distance from 0 to 40 mm)
Outside dimensions Main unit:(W)432mm(D)510mm(H)520.5mm (Excluding protrusions)
Approx. weight Approx. 25 kg (Main unit: 20 kg, Irradiation unit: 4.8 kg)
Material of main unit SUS304 / A5052P / SPCC
Irradiation unit
Manufacturer of lamps Made by Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.
Model FLAT EXCIMER EX-86U L13129
Illumination intensity 50mW/cm2
Size of irradiated surface 86mm40mm
Excimer effective irradiation distance 5mm or less recommended
Cooling method Forced air cooling
Conveying part
Table materials A5052P (With a slit for positional alignment)
Light-shielding cover PVC (UV-cut yellow)
Treatment speed 0.1mm/sec~40mm/sec
Range of motion 240mm
Touch Panel 4-inch monochrome Touch Panel
Number of recipes 20 recipes  (Treatment speed and Irradiation time can be set.)
Monitor function Display function for current speed, current position, and remaining time
Ozone exhaust system Built-in ozone catalyst (fan-forced exhaust)
Input-Output conditions AC100V 50/60Hz 400VA

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