Irradiation units

ASUMI GIKEN has experience in manufacturing a wide variety of custom-made UV cleaning and surface modification equipment to meet customers' requirements. We will propose the most suitable customized model after meeting and hearing the customer's application and research.

Prior to installation, test irradiation can be performed in our laboratory.

Manufacturing Examples

  • UV light source area  60mm × 60mm  Air-cooled    U type 40W × 1 lamp
  • UV light source area  200mm × 200mm Air-cooled    200W type  × 1 lamp
  • UV light source area  200mm×  200mm Air-cooled    250W type  × 1 lamp, etc.

We will propose the appropriate lamp output, number of lamps, etc. after determining the UV light source area according to the production volume, transport conditions, and irradiation conditions.

Example of batch type equipment manufacturing

This is a batch-type UV cleaning and modification system that can be used under atmospheric pressure. It can be used for precision cleaning after ultrasonic or chemical cleaning. The system is used from R&D to semi-production level.

Manufacturing Examples

  • Effective irradiation area:400mm×200mm 250W×2 lamps
  • Effective irradiation area:470mm×370mm 200W×5 lamps
  • Effective irradiation area:580mm×580mm 200W×14 lamps
  • Effective irradiation area:200mm×200mm 200W upper and lower 2 lamps, etc.

Example of conveyor type equipment manufacturing

Stand-alone model integrating UV irradiation unit, power supply, and transfer unit.
Equipment for production that enables continuous in-line processing

Manufacturing Examples

  • Effective irradiation width:210mm 110W×4 lamps SUS conveyor transfer type
  • Effective irradiation width:300mm 250W×3 lamps SUS conveyor transfer type
  • Effective irradiation width:300mm 200W×2 lamps robot cylinder transfer type
  • Effective irradiation width:650mm 200W×28  lamps Corocon transfer type, etc.

Manufacturing Flow

Based on our past experience, we can propose equipment that meets your needs, such as UV lamp optimal placement, effective irradiation area, UV distribution, and transfer methods and options.