High output and long life 110W low-pressure mercury lamps combined with a rotating stage enable treatment of 300mm square materials.

Compared to the conventional ASM2003N, running costs are lower due to the reduced number of lamps.

ASM1101NT Interior Photo

Item Specification
Model ASM1101NT
Lamp 110W 1 lamp
Outside dimensions Main unit W550 × D665 × H420(mm)
Power supply W185 × D525 × H190(mm)
UV lamp Illuminance 20mW/cm2(Irradiation distance 10mm、Directly under the lamp)
Irradiation distance Irradiation distance 10~40(mm)
※Manual variable by lab jack
Stage Size W320 × L320(mm)
Number of rotations:10~12rpm
  • Prevention of electrode wear by lamp flashing
  • Irradiation time display
  • Irradiation time controlled by timer
  • Safety features
  • Lamp off when door is open
  • Lamp burnout detection
  • With ozone exhaust blower(OD:Φ75)、Hose included(2.5m)
Input-Output conditions Single phase AC100V
Power consumption 210W
Optional Ozone decomposition equipment