Although UV ozone cleaning and reforming equipment requires relatively little maintenance other than lamp replacement, we offer the following services to customers who have installed our equipment based on the following ideas.

Maintenance performed and contents

Mechanical Hardware Aspects

Appearance inspection: No scratches, dents, distortion, etc.
(Irradiator, power supply box, exhaust system)    
  • Enclosure part
  • Door hinge
  • Magnet catch
  • Roller catch
  • Door peripheral packings
  • Sample stage and sample stage shelf tier
  • Intake air pre-filter
Dimensional inspection Within the dimensional tolerances of the drawings (check for deterioration over time)
Mechanism inspection Each part is properly installed

Electrical hardware surface

Insulation resistance DC1000V Over 10MΩ
Lamp Voltage rated value±15%
Lamp current rated value±15%
Open voltage Ballast No Load rated value±15%
Operation check
  • lamp ON-OFF
  • blowerON-OFF
  • Operation as per timer instructions
  • Operation panel pilot lamp lightsON-OFF
  • Lamp limit switch operation
Retightening of terminals, etc.
  • Lamp terminal
  • Irradiator and power supply box connection terminal
  • Connections in power supply box

Functional aspects and others

For those who use our facilities, we recommend periodic maintenance (2-3 years in the case of such equipment) after checking the time of installation or the totalized hour meter on the facility side.