Optional and customized examples


The standard system is designed to turn off the lamp if the door is opened during UV irradiation, but for added safety, the door itself can be locked to prevent it from opening.

Compatible with various models

Hot Plate (Heater)

By combining this unit with UV ozone cleaning equipment, it is possible to simultaneously heat and clean surface modification. This unit can be attached to ASM1101N, 2001N, 2003N, etc.


This unit enables more uniform UV irradiation

Emergency stop button

Dedicated emergency stop button to prevent worker hazard. If required by the rules at the production site, it can be installed as a separate option.

Dedicated operator control box

Dedicated control box to improve the usual workability when small equipment is used for low-volume production, etc. It avoids unintentional touching of timers, etc., allowing operators to work more safely and efficiently.

Regulator with flow meter

Regulator with flow meter is available as an optional accessory.

Other Customization Examples

  • Stage with dedicated jig
  • Bar code scanner for irradiation recipe management
  • Dedicated control box for operator
  • Lamp long-life countermeasure
  • Touch panel type control box
  • Expansion of irradiation area
  • Additional jig for illuminance meter set
  • After-blow timer