• 401N front
  • 401N side
  • 401N back
  • 401NUV lamp

Best-selling model of compact tabletop UV ozone cleaning equipment

Compact model with integrated irradiation unit and power supply.We are proud of our many successful installations.Installation area is a space-saving 200 mm wide and 300 mm deep, making it easy to install in a draft.This equipment is convenient for sample pretreatment in research facilities where space is limited.

Adoption of high-power, long-life lamps


High-intensity grid-type UV lamps
Aluminum reflectors for uniformity

The use of specially shaped grid-type low-pressure mercury lamps enables high output and high uniformity.

The lamp is fixed downward on the ceiling surface inside the chamber.

SUS Stage


Drawer type stage. SUS304, which is resistant to ultraviolet rays, is used.

Overall stage size: W130mm D120mm
Size inside pin for fixing:W115mm D75mm

Irradiation Distance Adjustment

ASM401N 高さ調整

Maximum sample height 50mm

Adjustable in 10mm increments with spacers

Illuminance can be adjusted by adjusting the distance from the lamp

Safety design


Interlock is standard

Safety design with no risk of UV leakage and lamps that turn off when drawer is opened

Simple operation


  • UV Lamp ON-OFF
  • Timer setting
  • Exhaust fan ON-OFF
  • Integration timer included
  • Lamp burnout detection

Item Specification
Model ASM401N
Lamp 40W 1lamp 
Outside dimensions W200 × D298 × H265(mm)
Approximate Weight 8kg
UV lamp Illuminance 10mW/cm2 more(Irradiation distance 10mm Center position 50mm × 50mm area)
Irradiation distance 10~50(mm) ※ Adjustable in 10mm increments
Stage Size W130 × D120(mm)
Effective irradiation area

W50 × D50(mm)※ Illuminance 10mW/cm2 more

  • Irradiation time display
  • Irradiation time controlled by timer
  • Safety features
  • ※ Lamp off when door is open
  • Lamp burnout detection
  • With ozone exhaust fan(OD: Φ75)
Input-Output conditions Single phase AC100V
Power consumption 37W(Reference value)
Optional Ozone decomposition equipment

Illuminance data

照度データ ASM401N

※ The measurement wavelength is 253.7nm.
※ The illuminance value varies greatly depending on the model of the measurement device.
※ The value varies depending on the operating environment.