Photonic Cleaner

Cleaning of three-dimensional objects

The use of specially shaped low-pressure mercury lamps enables high output and high uniformity even for three-dimensional objects.

Easy operation

From cleaning to ozone exhaust, anyone can easily operate the device with the push of a button.

Safety Measures

Safety design with lamps that turn off when the door is opened, eliminating the risk of ozone or UV leakage. A filter that decomposes ozone is built into the equipment.

Item Specifications
Machine name Photonic Cleaner
Model ASM401iMP
Outside dimensions  Main unit W350 × D220 × H235(mm)
UV light illuminance 10mW/cm2 more(Irradiation distance 10mm)
Irradiation area W30 × D100 × H38(mm)
  • Irradiation time controlled by timer
  • Safety features
  • ※ Lamp off when door is open
  • Ozone exhaust system as standard equipment
Input-Output conditions Single phase  AC100V
Power consumption 30W
Weight 11kg
Optional Various jigs(pin type and hole type)available

Illuminance data


※ The measurement wavelength is 253.7nm.
※ The illuminance value varies greatly depending on the model of the measurement device.
※ The value varies depending on the operating environment.