The power supply is single-phase 100 V, and the UV lamps are cooled by air instead of conventional water cooling (water cooling is also possible), reducing the burden on power supply.

Item Specifications
Model ASM2503N4
Lamp 250W 3lamps
Outside dimensions Main unit  W550 × D735 × H450(mm)
Power supply  W300 × D500 × H330(mm)
Approximate weight Irradiator 20kg、Power supply 20kg
UV lamp illuminance 20mW/cm2 more(Irradiate distance10mm)
Irradiate distance 5~150(mm)  ※ Adjustment by lab jack
Stage Size W330 × D380(mm)
  • Prevention of electrode wear by lamp flashing
  • Irradiation time display
  • Irradiation time controlled by timer
  • Safety features
  • Lamp off when door is open
  • Lamp burnout detection
  • With ozone exhaust blowerHose included
Input-Output conditions Single phase AC100V
Current value 11A
Power consumption 1100W
Optional Ozone decomposition equipment
Heater(Hot plate)

250W 3-lamp UV lamp
250W 3-lamp UV lamp

Lamps are installed on the top of the ceiling of the equipment and irradiate UV rays from the top.

Image with UV lamps on
Stage Size

Stage Size:W330☓D380 (mm)
Distance from the lamp is adjusted by lab jack.
Distance between the lamp and the stage can be adjusted between 5mm and 150mm.