Adoption of high-output, long-life lamps

Three specially shaped 200W low-pressure mercury lamps are used to achieve high output and highly uniform finish. A large area of 300mm x 300mm is available for treatment.

Compact & Low Cost

Safety Measures

The safety design eliminates the risk of ozone or UV leakage, and the lamp turns off when the door is opened.

ASM2003N lamp

Item Specification
Model ASM2003N
Lamp 200W 3lamp
Outside dimensions(mm) Main unit  W550×D670×H450
Power supply  W300×D500×H330
Approximate weight Irradiator 20kg、Power supply 20kg
UV lamp illuminance 25mW/cm2more(Irradiate distance 10mm Center position 300mm300mm area)
Irradiate distance(mm) 5~150  ※ Adjustment by lab jack
Stage Size(mm) W350 × D320
  • Prevention of electrode wear by lamp flashing
  • Irradiation time display
  • Irradiation time controlled by timer
  • Safety features
  • Lamp off when door is open
  • Lamp burnout detection
  • With ozone exhaust blowerHose included
Input-Output conditions Single phase  AC200V 50/60Hz
Current value 5.5A
Power consumption 890W
Optional Ozone decomposition equipment
Heater(Hot plate)

Illuminance data


※ The measurement wavelength is 253.7nm.
※ The illuminance value varies greatly depending on the model of the measurement device.
※ The value varies depending on the operating environment.