By arranging the UV lamps above and below in two rows, it is possible to irradiate both sides of a 100 mm square material at the same time.


Item Specification
Model ASM1102N-01
Lamp 110W 2lamps  Double-sided top and bottom irradiation
Outside dimensions Main unit W490 × D505 × H500(mm)
Power supply  W180 × D550 × H320(mm)
Approximate Weight Irradiator 12kg、Power supply 14kg
UV lamp illuminance 20mW/cm2 more(Irradiation distance10mm Center position 100mm × 100mm area)
Irradiation distance 10~40(mm)
Stage Size W200 × D200(mm)
  • Prevention of electrode wear by lamp flashing
  • Irradiation time display
  • Irradiation time controlled by timer
  • Safety features
  • Lamp off when door is open
  • Lamp burnout detection
  • With ozone exhaust blower(OD:Φ75)、Hose included(2.5m)
Input-Output conditions Single phase AC100V
Power consumption 210W
Optional Ozone decomposition equipment