Tabletop conveyor type


This is an example of a tabletop conveyor type for semi mass production.

Lamp (W) 250W
Width of material to be conveyed 400mm
Effective irradiation width 300mm
Conveyor belt SUS mesh
Outside dimensions Main unit W1400×D850×H400
Power supply W360×D575×H370
Blower W410×D300×H350

Stand-alone conveyor type



Basic structure Irradiator, Power supply, Conveyance equipment
Conveyance method Chain conveying, SUS conveyor conveying, SUS mesh conveying, etc.
Lamp type Low pressure mercury lamp
Effective irradiation width ~Up to 1500mm
Distance from irradiation lamp Adjustable
Other functions Totalizer, Irradiation timer, Lamp burnout detection, Blower error detection, Ozone decomposition equipment, Signal tower, etc.
Input-Output conditions AC200V, Dry air

※ This equipment is tailored to the user's specifications and can be made to order. Please feel free to contact us.