Contact Angle Meter B100W

  • Ideal for evaluation after UV cleaning
  • Lightweight, compact and reasonable
  • Easy operation and Full range of basic functions
  • Analysis software is standard

As a means of evaluating the cleanliness of surfaces after UV cleaning, the wettability (contact angle) of a drop of water on the surface is commonly used because it is simple and can be evaluated in a short time. This equipment is equipped with analysis software as standard, enabling realistic measurement of contact angle.

Item   Specification
Model B100W
Standard software
  • Static contact angle measurement (measurement of any instantaneous and secular change over time)
  • Dynamic contact angle measurement (fall angle, forward contact angle, backward contact angle, droplet removability, etc.)
Measurement method Droplet method
Analysis method θ/2 method / Tangent method / Perfect circle fitting / Elliptic fitting
Operating environment Room temperature 5~45℃  Humidity  Less than 80%
Environment not affected by condensation, vibration, air currents, magnetic fields, etc.
Optical Systems Camera CMOS camera
Interfaces USB2.0 more
Frame Rate Standard:60fps (Capable of capturing 60 droplet images per second)
※Optional 100fps / 200fps / 500fps are available.
Lens Standard:Wide angle Lens
※Optional variable field of view lenses are available.
Measurement field of view range

side 7.6mm  vertical 5.7mm  

※The measurement field of view range is a theoretical value.

Stage Size 100mm 100mm ※Sample fixing jig included
Sample Dimensions Max. Depth 120mm
Sample Dimensions Maximum Thickness 15mm (Recommended)
Stage size range of motion up and down 17mm
left and right 70mm
front and back -
Maximum weight of test materials 500g
Equipment body dimensions W370mm D600mm H355mm ※Excluding protrusions
Weight of the equipment body 16kg
Indication resolution 0.01°
Input-Output conditions AC100V 50/60Hz 1VA
Operating Environment
(PC recommended specifications)
OS Support Windows11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7(Japanese edition 64 / 32bit)
CPU Intel Core i5 以上 
HDD 20MB more (Including device driver area, and excluding data storage area)
RAM 2GB more
Pixels 1024 768 pixels more
I/F Free USB 2.0 port 3
(1 for USB camera / 1 for tilting unit control / 1 for USB license key)
Optional Software
  • Surface (Interfacial) Tension Measurement License
  • Extended shrinkage method measurement license *Sold as a set with Auto Dispenser
  • License to calculate surface free energy *Reagents not included
  • Auto Dispenser(LDA-100)
  • Syringe heater (LDH-250)
  • Hot plate(SH-150)
  • High-speed camera(100fps / 200fps / 500fps)
  • Camera lens(Variable Field of View Lens)And many more