UV illuminance measurement

The illuminance of UV lamps is generally checked using an illuminance meter. Unlike illuminance meters for visible light (e.g., for use in camera photography; unit: lux lux), illuminance meters for UV light are sold by illuminance meter manufacturers according to wavelength. Although there has been some movement toward JIS standardization, there is no complete unification of standards, and there are large differences among manufacturers, so it is desirable to continue to use illuminance meters made by a certain manufacturer.

UV illuminance meters with 253.7nm wavelength measurement are usually used to measure the illuminance of low-pressure mercury vapor lamps. In general, the life of UV lamps decreases to about 80% of the initial value after the lamps are put into use, and then the life of the lamps slowly declines. Therefore, periodic illuminance measurement is recommended when operating UV illuminance equipment.

Equipment photographed:ASM1101N

UV illuminance meter

UV illuminance meter / Actinometer UV-M03A

Optical receiver UV-SN25


Photograph of illuminance sensor fixed position

Fix the light-receiving part (sensor part) of the illuminance meter on the stage.(It is desirable to have a special tray for fixing the position of the light-receiving part so that the position of the light-receiving part does not change each time measurement is made.) Photo: 9-points measuring stage for ASM1101N

Photo: 9-stroke measuring stage for ASM1101N

Example of UV sensor fixation

Each equipment has a cutout for cable routing. Measurement is also possible with a type that has a separate light-receiving part and main unit.

Photographs of illumination measurement work

The illuminance is measured while irradiating UV light.

Depending on the model, the light-receiving part (sensor part) may not be able to make correct measurements if heat is applied to it.Please avoid continuous measurement for a long time.

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