Our laboratory has been established to help customers in their research and development of production technology with wet coating, surface modification, and wettability evaluation technologies that we have been researching and developing for many years.

We provide analysis of irradiation conditions and UV cleaning and surface modification services using equipment in our own laboratory. We do not outsource any of our contract work, which is completed entirely within our own facilities, so there is no need to worry about information leakage in highly confidential research and development.

※ The attendance of work is limited to end-users only. We appreciate your understanding.

Example of Contract Measurement

  • UV Irradiation
  • Temperature measurement of UV irradiated materials
  • Measurement of ozone concentration in chamber
  • Wettability (contact angle) evaluation before and after UV irradiation, surface free energy measurement
  • Powder wettability measurement
  • Elemental analysis on surface

Example of research facilities













Equipment List
UV ozone cleaning surface modification equipment  Irradiation area  50mm to 300mm 350mm size
Excimer irradiation equipment Main wavelength 172nm, for materials W86mm D120mm or less
Vacuum plasma surface modification equipment Chamber size W150mm D150mm H35mm
UV curing equipment

Main wavelength 365 nm 

Handheld type UV curing equipment, UV-LED curing equipment

Precision dip coating equipment Various research equipment
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment Equipment for each frequency
Pure water generator
15L/min Electric conductivity  2 micro siemens
Natural convection drying equipment Max. temperature  260°C
Reflectance spectrophotometer / Transmittance meter Measurable film thickness  100 nm to 60 μm
Rheometer Measurable viscosity range  0.3 to 25,000 mPa・s
Wettability Evaluation Equipment / Contact Angle Meter Various research equipment
Powder wettability Evaluation Equipment Max. heating temperature  400°C
Clean booth class1000 or equivalent
Hot plates Multiple units   Max. heating temperature 400°C
Ozone concentration meter Continuous high precision ozone monitor (UV absorption type), Kitagawa type detector tube
Ozone decomposition equipment Multiple units
Anemometer Multiple units
Air flow inspector Air flow indicator No use of explosives, toxic substances, etc.
Electronic balance Multiple units